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COOL WITH CO2: Advansor paves the way for industry climate action - Chillventa 2018

Danish natural refrigerants OEM is focusing its efforts on CO2 and energy efficiency, displays broad state-of-the-art portfolio of CO2 racks at Chillventa 2018.

When it comes to global warming solutions, nothing carries a larger potential than the worldwide replacement of HFCs with more climate friendly refrigerants, according to the Project Drawdown research group. And in climate friendly cooling, no other technology keeps pace with the advancements of transcritical CO2.

Replacing a synthetic refrigerant with the natural refrigerant CO2 effectively eliminates all problems with direct emissions. Adding to the advantages of using an atmospherically neutral refrigerant, Danish OEM Advansor is focusing its efforts on boosting the already impressive energy efficiency of CO2 racks, tells Kenneth Madsen, Business Development Manager at the successful Danish manufacturer.

- We are putting a lot of development effort into further improving the efficiency of both our small and large-scale refrigeration units. We have started the phase-in of advanced energy saving technologies like LSPM, VARISTEP and new ejectors, and it is really looking promising, says Kenneth Madsen.

Better first cost, better efficiency
But Advansor has not only made significant improvements in terms of energy use:- We have managed to send efficiency and first cost in opposite directions, making the smallest racks fully competitive for convenience and discount stores - and still with a better life time cost, highlights Kristian Breitenbauch, Advansor’s CEO.

Once an emerging technology, transcritical CO2 has proven its worth through the last decade and is now the preferred choice of many environmentally minded retailers, warehouses and industrial customers. Advansor has always focused exclusively on CO2 and has built more than 4,000 CO2 systems for supermarkets and industrial customers around the world.

Wide capacity range
At Chillventa, the OEM will be showcasing its full product range of CO2 racks with capacities ranging from 10 kW all the way up to the 1 MW industrial class. Advansor’s CEO is especially excited to talk energy efficiency and sustainability with customers and partners:

- Climate responsibility is part of our company DNA. CO2 might have somewhat of a bad name in the climate context, but we find that unfair. Advansor’s journey started twelve years ago with the visionary idea of using CO2 refrigeration to combat global warming, and since then we have been the pioneers of this technology, says Kristian Breitenbauch.


For further information:
Kristian Breitenbauch, Managing Director
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Kenneth B. Madsen, Business Development Manager
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