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technical training Program

Day 1 - "Theory and Design"

09.00 - Arrival and introduction (training room)
12.00 - Lunch at Advansor
12.30 - Theory and Design

  • Why we should use CO2, and properties of CO2
  • Booster design and function
  • Main components and processes
  • PI diagram walkthrough
  • Standstill pressure and pump down
  • Heat recovery and energy consumption
  • Specification of projects
  • Installation and operation

18.00 - End of Seminar Day 1
19.00 - Dinner

Day 2 - "Operations and Test Rack"

9.00 - "Theory and Design"

  • How are we doing a commissioning
  • Go through PI diagram
  • HP & GBPV control
  • Gas cooler
  • How to I/O test
  • Receiver
  • Oil management
  • Leak test of expansion valves
  • How to read our electrical documentation

12.00 - Lunch at Advansor
12.30 - "Operation and Running of Rack"

  • Service
  • How to change oil filter
  • How to change dry filter
  • How to fill oil
  • How to fill CO2
  • How to pump down

14.00 - Summing up - Diplomas
15.00 - End of training day 2

Info about training course

Our seminar will be split in two parts. One day with theory, and one day with practical tasks, in our test lab. The maximum amount of participants will be 16. Now and then participants will be split into two groups equally divided, to focus on specific topics, related to the above program.  

Training language will be English.

We provide and setup a full program for the participants, and you will be cared for technically, but also in terms of coffee/tea and lunch both days at Advansor premises in Aarhus, Denmark.

In the evening at 19.00, all the participants are invited to join us at dinner in our new canteen, where we will have time to socialize.

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