Aarhus 12/3-2020

Dear business partner

The COVID-19 situation is now declared a pandemic by WHO, and most EU countries are initiating necessary and far-reaching measures to protect their citizens.

Advansor takes this very seriously, and we act with a global social mind. We feel obliged to take responsibility for the weaker and elderly people. We sympathise with those who are ill or otherwise influenced by the situation.

We are doing our best to protect our employees, the local & global community, and our operations.

Situation as is:

  • No Advansor employees are infected or in quarantine
  • Our operations are fully up and running
  • There are no delays now or expected with what we can foresee now

Preventive efforts
We have taken all possible precautions during the past weeks to ensure good health and to keep the production undisturbed:

  • All non-crucial white collars are working from home
  • Physical events are cancelled, and when possible moved to digital platforms
  • All employees are available on phone, e-mail of course the preferred MS Teams where we have no personal contact but video interface
  • Our production is running on two split production sites in Denmark and Poland, and all is running fully and on schedule
  • We have done a significant component build up and secured supply channels for a prolonged period
  • We stock a significant amount of finished CO2 racks, gascoolers, enclosures and spare parts

Protecting our customers and our business
All our people are ready to handle your inquiries, orders and aftersales requests, and we do our outmost to continue like that.

Cooling is vital
Advansor is part of an important value chain together with our business partners. Without cooling the supply of food, medicine and data would simply break down.

We stay dedicated to deliver as promised, and we run according to plan unless you are contacted directly concerning changes.

Take care and have trust in us.