CO2 seminar

Our training program has always been very popular, and we do our best to keep up with the demand, and to spread our knowledge of CO2.

We get many enquiries from those who already work with CO2 racks and as well as those who would like to learn more about what it means to work with CO2.

Therefore, we have chosen to make a CO2 seminar, where we go more in-depth with CO2 as a refrigerant.

CO2 is a great refrigerant. It does not deplete the ozone layer, and the greenhouse effect is a thousand factor less than the HFC refrigerants. In addition, CO2 has two very important advantages compared to hydrocarbon; it is non-toxic and non-flammable. This means that CO2-based cooling systems can be set up wherever HCFC and HFC-based refrigeration systems are today. Are you ready for it?


Your output

By participating you gain an understanding of the benefits and properties of CO2. In addition, you will gain more knowledge about Advansor rack design and the significance of the fact that it is transcritical.

You get a solid understanding of the different concepts and gain an understanding of the system. It will give you better conditions for performing troubleshooting and an easy and effective dialogue with our After Sales Support, should this become applicable.

In short: you will be "cool with CO2" and be much better prepared to meet the future with CO2.

Day 1:

  • Why CO2 and properties of CO2
  • Booster design and function
  • Main components and processes
  • PI diagram walkthrough
  • Standstill pressure and pump down
  • Heat recovery and energy consumption
  • Specification of projects
  • Installation and operation

Day 2 (in test lab the whole day):

  • How are we doing a commissioning
    • Go through PI diagram
    • HP & GBPV control
    • Gascooler
    • How to I/O test
    • Receiver
    • Oil management
    • Leak test of expansion valves
    • How to read our electrical documentation
  • Service
    • How to change oil filter
    • How to change dry filter
    • How to fill oil
    • How to fill CO2
    • How to pump down

Our seminar will be split in 2 parts. 1 day with Theory and 1 day with practical training in our test lab. The maximum number of participants will be 16. The participants will be split in 2 groups of 8.


  • EUR 1.000 incl. hotel and dinner
  • EUR 875 incl. dinner

Advansor, Bautavej 1A, 8210 Aarhus V, Denmark

Upcoming courses

  • April 02-03 (English)
  • April 24-25 (German)
  • September 24-25 (English)
  • October 22-23 (English / Danish)
  • November 12-13 (German)
  • November 19-20 (Danish)

Call +45 51 67 44 94 or write to

We reserve the right to cancel the seminar with less than 8 admitted. Of course, you will be offered to participate in upcoming seminars if cancelled.