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The industry system of the future

Advansor offers a wide range of refrigeration systems for industrial purposes in the capacity area of less than 1 MW.

All systems are supplied with air-cooled condensators and utilise CO2 as the only refrigerant in direct expansion.

Besides benefitting the environment the utilisation of CO2 creates many advantages:

- Low installation and operating costs
- Low service costs
- Low energy consumption
- Elimination of water circuits




The refrigeration systems cover temperatures from -50°C to +10°C, so the areas of application are manifold.

Of the most frequent applications, the following can be mentioned:

- Cold storage and freezers
- Fresh producuce distribution terminals
- Catering and foods processing
- Air conditioning in offices
- Cooling of work rooms
- Cooling of production facilities

Customer specific functionality is offered for industrial application, such as heat recovery up to 80°C on water or integrated glycol refrigeration evaporator to handle existing cooling surfaces, e.g. fan coils in offices, etc.


Standard configuration:
- Semi-hermetic piston compressors
- Indoor installation with air cooled condenser
- Individuel compressor safety and oil management system
- Onboard electrical panel incl. controller
- Frequency controlled compressor
- Speed controlled condenser fans

Optional extras:
- Seperate compressors and receiver modules for easy on-site assembly
- Heat recovery incl. control system
- Cabinet for installation outdoors
- Extra receiver volume
- System to monitor the unit on an external network
- Energy Measurement


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XXS condensing unit

XXS series

HFC-free refrigeration with condensing units is also suitable for small industrial applications


XXS MT-models:
- Air cooled 1-stage condensing units for medium/low temperature*
- MT capacity: 1,6-9,0 kW
- LT capacity: 1,3-7,3 kW
- Temperatures: -10°C / -35°C
- Number of compressors: 1
- Control: Frequency inverter

XXS LT-models**:
- Air cooled 2-stage condensing units for low temperature
- LT capacity: 2,5-14 kW
- Temperature: -35°C
- Number of compressors: 1
- Control: Frequency inverter


Standard configuration:
- Semi-hermetic piston compressor
- Integrated weather-proof cabinet incl. air cooled condenser
- Integrated electrical panel incl. controller
- Frequency controlled compressor
- Speed controlled condenser fan
- 60 bar design pressure on suction side

Optional extras:
- 80 bar design pressure
- Tera (monitor up to 10 units per Tera module)
- Heat recovery
- Extra fan (for operation at ambient temperature above 34°C)


*) MT-models are compatible for low temperature applications by choosing glycol cooled condenser as an option.


See product sheet...   

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