compSUPER is designed as a 2-stage system where the frost and refrigeration compressors are located in the same refrigerant circuit.

The products are adaptable to all common control systems that are available on the market. Included by default, one compressor are controlled by a frequency converter. This provides improved temperature control, especially on smaller systems.


Standard configuration

  • Semi-hermetic piston compressors
  • Indoor installation with air cooled condenser
  • Individual compressor safety and oil management system
  • Onboard electrical panel incl. controller
  • Frequency controlled compressor
  • Speed controlled condenser fans


  • Air cooled 2-stage systems for low- and medium temperature
  • MT capacity: 50-100 kW
  • LT capacity: 10-25 kW
  • Temperature: -10°C / -35°C
  • Number of MT-compressors: 2-3
  • Number of LT-compressors: 2-3
  • Control: Frequency inverter and step control


  • Air cooled 2-stage systems for low- and medium temperature
  • MT capacity: 100-280 kW
  • LT capacity: 25-70 kW
  • Temperature: -10°C / -35°C
  • Number of MT compressors: 3-6
  • Number of LT compressors: 3
  • Control: Frequency inverter and step control

Optional extras

  • Heat recovery incl. control system
  • Cabinet for installation outdoors
  • Extra large receiver volume
  • Enhanced 60 bar design pressure on suction side
  • System to monitor the unit on an external network
  • Energy measurement
  • Extra frequency inverter on compressors
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