compSUPER XXS condensing unit

The condensing unit is designed as an integrated unit with a cabinet including compressor, liquid receiver, con-troller and condenser/gas cooler This design results in a light-weight and compact unit that is easy to install in a back yard or on a roof above the cooling sites.

The unit is delivered fully assembled and pressure tested, that way only the liquid line and the suction line need to be connected at installation site.


XXS MT-models

  • Air cooled 1-stage condensing units for medium/low temperature*
  • MT capacity: 1,6-9,0 kW
  • LT capacity: 1,3-7,3 kW
  • Temperatures: -10°C / -35°C
  • Number of compressors: 1
  • Control: Frequency inverter


XXS LT-models**

  • Air cooled 2-stage condensing units for low temperature
  • LT capacity: 2,5-14 kW
  • Temperature: -35°C
  • Number of compressors: 1
  • Control: Frequency inverter


Standard configuration

  • Semi-hermetic piston compressor
  • Integrated weather-proof cabinet incl. air cooled condenser
  • Integrated electrical panel incl. controller
  • Frequency controlled compressor
  • Speed controlled condenser fan 
  • 60 bar design pressure on suction side


Optional extras

  • 80 bar design pressure
  • Tera (monitor up to 10 units per Tera module)
  • Heat recovery
  • Extra fan (for operation at ambient temperature above 34°C)


*) MT-models are compatible for low temperature applications by choosing glycol cooled condenser as an option.

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