The compSUPER SIGMA range provides single pack solutions with integrated capacity for medium (MT) and low temperature (LT) refrigeration, air conditioning (AC) and heating – suitable for e.g. medium sized supermarkets with needs for a “combined energy management system”.

The compSUPER SIGMA range provides customers with new possibilities for optimizing their stores in a completely new way. Only one piece of equipment is needed to satisfy all cooling and heating requirements of the store. This is a new opportunity for saving money, time, and only concentrate on core sales.

  • Integrated cooling, freezing, air conditioning and heating
  • Compact, easy-to-install and service friendly design
  • High quality as all other Advansor systems
  • Energy efficient performance in hot climate Electrical savings: Southern Europe 6-7% (11% including heat recovery)


  • MT capacity: 50-180 kW
  • AC capacity: 20-150 kW
  • LT capacity: 5-50 kW
  • Temperature: -10°C / -30°C, Glycol loop: 7/12°C
  • MT compressors: 2-4
  • PC compressors: 1-2
  • LT compressors: 1-3
  • Control: Frequency inverter and step control


Standard configuration

  • Semi-hermetic piston compressors
  • Gas cooler with speed-controlled fans
  • Danfoss or Carel controller
  • Oil management system and full compressor protection 
  • Frequency controlled MT- and PC-compressor
  • Highest safety level with pressure intelligent controls 
  • Smaller models installed in weather-proof and sound reducing cabinet with integrated gas cooler 


Optional extras

  • Integrated evaporator in gas cooler (air-to-water "heat pump function")
  • System to monitor the unit on an external network
  • Energy metering device
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