Advansor produces a great number of refrigeration systems that are highly efficient and all based on CO2 as the natural refrigerant.

The different markets and segments are supplied with a wide range of system series, all tailored to either the segment or to a customer's specific requirements.

Upon building each system, all details are taken into account for an optimum and safe operation based on the customer’s surroundings. The refrigeration systems are very service-friendly – consequently easy to access for maintenance or inspection. All refrigeration systems comply with Danish and International refrigeration requirements, and by using CO2 as the only refrigerant that is neither flammable nor toxic and thus the most secure and environmentally friendly solution for the future.

Our overall product program and the specifications of each product series are divided into 2 main groups:

  • compSUPER - ideal solutions for supermarkets

    Four different types of the compSUPER concept are available, which are targeted towards application in the supermarket and convenience sector.

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  • compINDUSTRI - ideal solutions for industrial applications

    With the compINDUSTRI we offer a wide range of cooling systems for industrial applications.

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