Newsletter June 2017

Once Advansor started to expand its business to include systems for industrial refrigeration applications, the company began to experience strong growth. The Industrial Department soon became a powerful team of engineers driving the organization to produce primarily non-standard and larger systems.

Mark Kristensen is the head of the Industrial Department, who in addition to responding to the market demands and exploring new business opportunities is also charged with finding new talented team members.
Today the Danish team include:
Henrik Madsen, Modesto Poey Noblet, Mark Kristensen and Vladyslav Babych (below).

In addition to the Danish team, Advansor’s industrial product offering is also promoted through Advansor’s external project and sales engineers across Europe.
The Industrial Department is engaged in projects ranging from low capacity, low temperature, pharmaceutical units to much larger units for warehouses and processing. Many of the larger units are supplied as an alternative to pumped ammonia systems.

Mark Kristensen comments “…we are realising several projects involving CO2 or even DX CO2 which were originally specified by end-customers or consultants to use pumped ammonia. The reason for this specification change is primarily due to the lower investment costs of transcritical CO2 systems…
Industries seek out CO2 refrigeration solutions for a number of reasons, among those are here two of them;
Environmental awareness
In 2016 the Kigali agreement was ratified and nearly 200 nations agreed to reduce future global warming by 0.5°C, this is made possible through the reduction of 90% of the HFCs. Therefore, the use of CO2 refrigeration is also a future proof solution!
Due to energy efficiency, the part loads, COP and heat recovery potential are very important factors to consider. But in addition to this the much lower installation and commissioning cost – not to mention its ease of use and inexpensive maintenance are further compelling grounds for switching to CO2.
Wittrup Seafood A/S (link)
Wittrup Seafood A/S packs and processes approx. 4.000 tons of fresh blue mussels each year for export and retail. The company employs around 30 people and operates a fleet of 4 ships. They had a requirement for a CO2 solution designed to provide freezing for the storage of ready meals, cooling for the storage of fresh mussels and providing chilled sea water for processing.
The Advansor solution was the compSUPER L 4x3-2R
  • 4 x Bitzer MT compressors, 120 kW @ -10°C
  • 3 x Bitzer LT compressors, 58 kW @ -35°C
  • 2 x 130 litre receivers
  • + Heat recovery for space heating
  • + Separate chiller module (glycol/seawater +2/-2°C)
The industrial segment
The industries which have adopted our solutions and very different, though each has a need for cooling and/or freezing. It therefore requires both excellent business insight and experience to provide the perfect solution to such a diverse set of businesses. Our solutions are currently serving the following industries:
  • Cold rooms/storages
  • Logistic centres
  • Food factories
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Ice skating rinks
  • Marine/off shore
SuperSmart is an EU project intended to accelerate the uptake of more energy efficient refrigeration, heating and cooling solutions in the food retail sector. Its aim is to reduce the use of energy and minimise the environmental footprint with increased economic benefits. Advansor is partly sponsoring the project with the supply of 2 test racks installed at Sintef/NTNU, Trondheim, Norway and supplying vital data concerning the latest CO2 based refrigeration technologies.

The racks have both gas and liquid ejectors but also a special ejector for air conditioning. The racks incorporate the very latest know-how concerning increased performance and efficiency in a supermarket refrigeration system.

The SuperSmart project will bring new knowledge to light in terms of integrated system design, energy efficiency and new boundaries for controls and system components. It will deliver verifiable data concerning the new technologies to the markets, particularly concerning ejector operations. Advansor participates in this key investment with the full conviction that the project will provide us and our customers with many new and exciting future possibilities.

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