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Our customers are central to everything we do and all efforts focused on serving them. Our entire organization gives its utmost to satisfy our clients and to ensure that they repeatedly buy from us. One of our key teams that plays a very important role in this context is the After Sales Team.

The DNA of the After Sales Team

Advansor’s After Sales Team consists of a group of 5 dedicated and technology orientated employees. Peter Schneider, R&D and After Sales Manager is the head of this team. They handle a substantial amount of inquiries and offer practical solutions to make sure that customers are satisfied with the products and services during commissioning, troubleshooting and during the products regular operation. They strive to ensure that the products and services meet or surpass the customers’ expectations.
Lars Hoerup Jensen (back), Peter Schneider, Bo Kristensen,
Donny Vestergaard Madsen and Jacob Christensen (on site)
The After Sales Team registers all types of inquiries by telephone (+45 5077 8058) or mail like complaints or requests for technical guidance. Often, requests involve components which due to normal wear have become defective. Or it may involve a damaged surrounding that has a negative impact on the rack and must be immediately fixed or exchanged. The After Sales “hot-line” is open 24/7 and problems are registered and investigated on an urgent basis.

The After Sales Team shares all customer feedback to help our organization improve and consequently incorporate the necessary changes - product wise or in terms of the processes used to serve our customers.

The After Sales Team utilizes an end-to-end solution approach that addresses the incoming challenges involving internal colleagues, processes and technology. Our solution provides the customers with a cooperative framework that incorporates the following:
  • Claims Management
  • Dealer Management
  • Supplier Recovery
  • Warranty Analytics
Through our wide range of services, we strive to ensure tangible business benefits that go beyond cost reductions. Some of the ancillary benefits that are customers enjoy are:
  • Optimized supply chain operations
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Improved revenue from service contracts
  • Reduced warranty costs
  • Reduced downtime and energy costs
The After Sales Team is also responsible for Advansor's various training course activities, and in this way they contribute to an extensive knowledge sharing within the industry.

CO2 Refrigerating Competency Training Program

Advansor offers a 2 day CO2 Refrigerating Competency Training Program for both skilled and less experienced engineers working in the refrigeration business. The aim is to give participants a theoretical and practical knowledge of the functionality and structure of refrigeration plants, plus training in Advansor’s Transcritical Booster systems and the general usage of CO2.

Sign up for our training program, get the invitation here or send us an email at

Positive customer feedback from Kroon Bedrijfskoeling BV

In September, Kroon Bedrijfskoeling BV in Winkel, NL installed and commissioned their first CO2 booster installation at a flower and bulbs company in The Netherlands. A future-proof and perfectly fitting solution for this project.

“The commissioning of our first Advansor transcritical booster installation was closely assisted by After Sales Technician Bo Kristensen, and all went very smoothly. After around 4 hours the system was up and running”.

“According to Bo, the quality of our preparations was very good, the fact that Advansor’s racks had already been programmed and tested at the factory, played a positive role in this smooth installation. Further, with Bo’s experience and knowledge, we were confidently directed through the start-up. We were also given excellent guidance on the working of the racks and best practice for their maintenance. With such a positive start like this, I’m really forward to the future projects with many more transcritical booster installations”

Jeroen Kroon, Owner of Kroon Bedrijfskoeling BV, NL

Event calendar


The first edition of ATMOsphere Ibérica will be an interesting day with discussions about opportunities for natural refrigerants in Spain and Portugal. Program to include sessions such as: Regulation and standards, market trends, panel discussions and technological case studies conducted in the peninsula. more here


Join the event and experience two exciting days with interesting and engaging keynote speakers such as Advansor's Managing Director Kim G Christensen. Focus is legislation on ecodesign, energy labelling, global trends for natural refrigerants, and the potential of monitoring refrigeration plants as well as challenges such as energy consumption and CO2 footprint.Read more here


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