Newsletter May 2017

Growth and innovation
Numbers that speak for themselves; Number of racks/systems, Number of countries we are engaged in, Number of customers and the amount of Megawatts installed.

We have a current growth rate of +20%, so we are excited about our future developments and the forthcoming results and numbers. Follow our progress by visiting our www.
Sep 25-27, 2017 ATMOsphere Europe in Berlin

We have started preparing for the ATMOsphere conference being held in Berlin this September. We look forward with great anticipation to the strategic and visionary presentations which will be made by Advansor. We will reveal the names of our speakers and the titles of their presentations at a later stage. Don’t miss it.

Good reasons to choose an Advansor CO2 refrigeration system

Highest reliability
  • 130 bar pressure option, new pressure switches
  • Rigid welded frames and steel pipes on compSUPER L/XL
  • Optimized oil management and controls
Warm climate options
  • Parallel compression as standard for eg the Southern European countries
  • Ejector technology
  • Approved adiabatic solutions
Energy efficiency
  • Optimization of HR
  • Optimized design, components and controls
Newest innovations
  • Sigma (integrated solution), CO2 cassettes, ejectors, new CDUs, new ValuePacks, new Mini-Booster
Advansor’s production plant in Panattoni Park, Szczecin

Following the completion of the first staff trainings in Denmark, the Polish facility has now commenced production. We look forward to delivering the first racks by the end of May, 2017. The Polish facility is expected to ramp up production over the next 2-3 years to around 600-800 racks per year. These racks are designed for use in supermarkets throughout Europe.

The addition of Advansors new production plant was made in response to the increasing world-wide demand for our products. The decision to select Szczecin as the location for the new production site was mainly due to its favourable geographical position, it is perfectly situated to serve our customers and to collaborate with our key suppliers.
Contact details, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses to be found at our www.

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Advansor is the leading OEM manufacturer of transcritical CO2 systems. We offer a wide range of systems for convenience stores to large industrial processing; providing freezing, cooling, heating and air-conditioning. We are eager to discuss your requirements. For information - call our Sales Team at +45 7217 0174 or visit our www.