Grand opening for CO2 refrigeration lab

The 17th of November was the grand opening day for the new refrigeration test lab at NTNU (the Norwegian University of Science and Technology) in Trondheim, Norway. The CO2 test rack is the first of its kind and the installation is expected to have a strong impact on future innovation and educational skills of students. 

The Master- and PhD students now have great opportunities to work with new innovations and further improve CO2 refrigeration systems. The installation will also be used for training of refrigeration engineers.

Finally, the lab will be used actively in international research projects such as SuperSmart and HighEff.

NTNU opening ceremony

At the opening ceremony Prof. Terese Løvås (NTNU), Kim Christensen (Advansor) and Prof. Armin Hafner (NTNU) cut the ribbon. Foto: NTNU/Maren Agdestein

Brand new test facilities at NTNU

The new refrigeration lab at NTNU

See the opening for the test facilities here

It is with great pride that Advansor together with Danfoss, Bitzer, SWEP and Trondheim Kulde and in collaboration with NTNU and SINTEF are able to deliver this brand new platform for research, innovation and training in Norway.

The SuperSmart CO2 rack

Advansor CO2 test rack

Advansor have designed the impressive CO2 test rack enabling the operator to simulate operation with parallel compression, gas ejector and liquid ejector. The rack is connected to both supermarket cabinets and secondary loads. This makes it possible to simulate supermarket load profiles under variating ambient conditions.

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