April 2017 Happy Easter Newsletter


CO2 Replaces environmentally harmful refrigerants in the fishing industry

Recent research estimates that 4.7 million small and medium-sized fishing vessels are active worldwide, approximately 80% of which are using R22 refrigerant for the cooling or freezing of their catch. A joint working group consisting of Advansor and partner companies, the Danish Technological Institute (DTI), the “Fishing School” and UNIDO have been working together on the development of an energy efficient and environmentally friendly CO2 based solution for the fishing industry.

The supermarket chains have already shown the way. The industry has switched to solutions based on CO2, which have proven to be both environmentally friendly and profitable, therefore expectations are high, both among suppliers of the technology and their customers.

Lars Reinholdt of the DTI says “We want to help to save the world and develop ecologically sound solutions that are so cheap and efficient. We are keen to encourage the use of CO2 as it has no harmful impact on the environment”.

Huge warehouse with cooling facilities

Kjellssons Logistik & Transport AB (KLT) in Kristianstad, Sweden and LL Kylteknik have agreed to create a new warehouse of 6000 m2 containing combined cooling and freezing capabilities as well as low temperature pumped CO2 for a freezing tunnel. Advansor was chosen as a supplier of the refrigeration system. The combined cooling and freezing system provides 140kW MT and 370kW LT, split on 2 racks. The low temperature CO2 pumped at -40 °C will have a capacity of 760kW, designed with one pump separator and 2 racks.

KLT builds the new warehouse to provide additional service to those companies who require cold storage facilities. Mr Conny Andersson, Advansor’s Swedish Country Manager, says that “it has been a long journey but a great test of our capabilities and we are happy to be partners with LL-Kylteknik in this special project”. The racks will be commissioned in late autumn 2017.

ATMOsphere Australia 2017, 2nd May 2017

Established as the most influential forum for discussions on natural refrigerants in Europe, America and Asia, ATMOsphere Australia 2017 provides unparalleled networking opportunities with senior professionals, giving a unique chance to meet industry experts and exchange opinions.

Advansor is looking forward to participating. We have recently commenced business in the Australasian region with the sale of our first transcritical CO2 racks. As a result of the Kigali Agreement, synthetic refrigerants were no longer an option for our customer. Instead, the customer made the decision to invest in a cost effective and future proof solution based upon a transcritical CO2 system.

Advansor were chosen due to strong reputation, proven track record and our after sales support – in this case provided by our partner, The Natural Refrigerants Company.
The Norsk Kjøleteknisk Association (Norwegian Society of Refrigeration) will hold its annual meeting from the 19th to 21st April 2017 in Trondheim, Norway.

The conference includes a comprehensive program with several themes concerning energy-efficient solutions and we expect there will be high level interest for all participants.

We have had the pleasure of attending this event previously and we very much look forward to a reunion with locally based customers. We also welcome the opportunity to network with the other participants and gaining new customer insights in relation to refrigeration technologies.

Advansor is hiring New Employees

Due to our rapid growth we are constantly looking for new skilled colleagues. Currently we are looking to recruit;
Advansor continuously improves its performance through collaboration and knowledge sharing and for these positions we consequently need experienced, skilled and competent new colleagues. By bringing to life products and solutions which really address our client’s needs, we are helping to shape and direct product quality and processes within our industry. Read more on our website.
Contact details, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses to be found at our www.

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