New chiller solution

With an increasing demand for different chiller solutions in combination with Advansor’s well proven CO2 refrigeration system, Advansor can now offer 3 standard chiller modules from 50-200 kW and temperature range from -35C to 10C outlet glycol temperature of the evaporator.

The unit can be used in supermarket-,semi industrial-, and air condition-applications. 

The module consists of a plate heat exchanger as an evaporator, including expansion valves, pressure switch, temperature sensors and controllers. 

The module easily connects to the Advansor compressor system, with liquid and suction line.

  • 50 kW to 200 kW
  • -35°C to +10°C glycol or pure water
  • Plug’n’play installation
  • Easy to maintain and service
  • Up to 90 bar still-stand pressure
  • Dedicated eletrical panel and pre-programmed control
  • Safety suction gas heat exchanger to avoid liquid hammering of the compressors
  • All pipes and heat exchanger insulated

Existing Advansor installations

Examples of existing applications that Advansor has been involved in upgrading:

Case no. 1

A leading retailer in Norway needed to change an old indirect HFC-system in 2014, due to risk of brake down over summer time. During the last couple of years, the supermarket had changed some of the old cabinets with new ones, so the owner of the supermarkets decided to keep the indirect glycol loop in the supermarket on both MT and LT cabinets.

Due to local tax legislations in Norway, a new HFC solution was not possible to offer. Instead Advansor offered the retailer a full-blown CO2 transcritical system with a common chiller module for both MT and LT capacities, including heat recovery for ventilation, tapwater and defrost application. This way the supermarket could keep its new cabinets with indirect evaporators for glycol.

Case nr. 2

Another application where the chiller module has been installed, is in France for a semi industrial project. A factory needed to produce indirect cooling for an ice bank. The capacity of the system was 150kW at -8/- 2C Glycol. Connected with an Advansor 1-stage transcritical CO2 system compSUPER L 5x0, the installation was easy to handle, said the installer.