Large-scale freezing need - 350 kW

A newly established French food factory has chosen to apply environmentally friendly and energy efficient CO2 refrigeration by Advansor. Based on production and distribution of frozen food products, the factory production and storage room facilities required an accumulated freezing capacity of 350kW.

Due to the factory facility installation, special system design aspects have been applied to not only meet the required freezing capacity, but also to ensure high energy efficiency, reliability and a single system design.

Customer-tailored Advansor system

The system design relies on a low temperature capacity need of 350kW@-42°C for two blast freezers. A booster design setup was utilized which integrates high stage compressors, allowing to establish a single circuit CO2 system.

Instead of only rejecting the heat through a gas cooler, heat reclaim has been integrated which enables the food factory to produce hot water for internal heating purposes. Included in the refrigeration system requirements, the demand heavily rely on flooded evaporation. To ensure energy savings, special circulation pumps were integrated in connection with a large pump vessel.

Expanding business into France

Project execution was carried out by Advansor in collaboration with a French contractor, Axima Réfrigération, whom we are pleased to add to our contractor references. 

This delivery does not only follows a general European trend towards environmentally friendly CO2 refrigeration systems, but also exemplifies the agility and possibilities for extending the technologically capabilities to meet various customer needs.