Advansor is a leading OEM manufacturer of sustainable thermal systems for the production of heating and cooling in, among others, supermarkets, refrigeration and freezing facilities, CHP plants, the food processing industry, chemical industry as well as air conditioning for office buildings with CO2 as the refrigerant. 

Knowledge sharing with suppliers and customers is a natural part of our services, which always ensures the best and latest technology for our customers.

Who are we?

Advansor was established in 2006 by Kim G. Christensen and Torben M. Hansen, both of whom have a past as leading employees at the Danish Technological Institute. After having serviced the industry for a number of years with the development and demonstration of cooling systems and heat pumps with CO2 as the working medium, the time was ripe to start their own production of these systems. In 2011 Advansor was sold to Hillphoenix.

Green technology

Advansor's technology is based on natural refrigerants, which in themselves have a negative contribution to the breaking down of the ozone layer and CO2, as a greenhouse gas, does not contribute to global warming when emitted.

Business philosophy

Our philosophy is based on our solutions paying for themselves through the operating cost reductions that are achieved with the system. Advansor's experienced consultants compile cost savings analyses on the system, which is part of the delivery.

Advansor A/S is certified under the  requirements in ISO 9001:2015